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The Birth of Bia Bar

Hi!  I'm Trent, the maker of Bia Bars.  I've had a lot of requests from people wondering about how Bia Bars got started.  So, here's our origin story: 10 years ago, I was 17 years old and over 400 pounds. That year I got lap band surgery and started my weight loss journey. I am now 27 and have continued to struggle with my weight, but along the way I decided to start making my own protein bars (Bia Bars). Since being overweight was an issue for me, I always disliked the way high protein diet foods tasted. I felt that there may be other people feeling the same way. I decided to make my own bars, and I shared them with friends and family.  Everyone LOVED them, and Bia Bars were born. Encouraged by the bars' fans, I decided to start selling Bia Bars. I started with a few local stores, and weโ€™re growing from there.

My mission: To provide people with the best tasting nutrition bar possible. 


Bia Bar is real food that's really delicious.  
gluten free.  no fillers.
15g protein.
no artificial flavoring.


The Bia Bar was created so that people can have a filling nutrition bar that they look forward to eating.  Bia Bar has a taste and texture unlike any other nutrition bar on the market.  People say it tastes like peanut butter fudge without all the guilt.

Bia Bar should be ordered monthly or bi-monthly.  These bars will not mold, but they taste best when eaten within 90-120 days of production due to the lack of preservatives used when making the Bia Bar.  Most nutrition bars on the market today are able to sit on the shelves for years.  Why would you want to put those in your body?

The all natural honey in the Bia Bar accounts for 95% of its sugar content.
Get the nutrition facts on Bia Bar here.

WE TASTE BETTER.  Don't believe us?  Just try it!


Bia Bar is a unique and distinct seller in any retail location.

Interested in selling Bia Bar in your shop, restaurant, or retail space?  Email us to inquire about wholesale ordering.

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People can't stop talking about the amazing protein fudge!

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What are people saying about Bia Bars?

Simply put, wow. These bars are incredible. Iโ€™ve tried what seems to be every protein bar under the sun and they all pale in comparison to the Bia Bar...these bars taste EXACTLY like peanut butter fudge, [which] makes them great for people on strict diets that are looking to get a sweet tooth fix. Respectable ingredients and fair price. I canโ€™t say enough about Bia Bars.
— customer, 10/2015
This is the healthy peanut butter fudge bar I wish my Grandma had made. Great peanut butter taste with a hint of honey. I had planned to carry these on my bicycle and camping, but Iโ€™ll have to buy more now because it is a good healthy snack - and spring is a two months away. Creamy texture, a hint of honey and no funny after taste like some other bars I have tried.
— Tom, review 01/16
Tastes awesome, fits in perfectly with my diet and fitness goals, and is just what I was looking for!!
— review 01/16
Best protein bar hands down! Tastes exactly like peanut butter fudge! I limit myself to 2 a day as I could easily eat many more. Even my picky 9 year old loves them!
— T. Russell, review 01/16